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there are new questions this morning surrounding a baltimore man's death. those who knew anthony anderson, they want answers and this morning police say they do too. when you head off to work, you want to know that your belongings are safe in your home. that's not the case in howard county. a string of daylight burglaries has a lot of people feeling pretty unsafe this morning. >>reporter: glad to have you back. where have you been? the nfl refs return and their first assignment ravens/browns right here from m and t bank stadium. we certainly have a lot to talk about on this friday morning, the o's play tonight. that is going to be a big issue. lynette charles will let you know about the weather. as far as this morning, lauren cook is busy with the roads because rain is a factor. >>reporter: yes, rain and fog, we're dealing with several accidents unfortunately. hopefully thin will clear up. >> we have been so related all this week, basically. >>reporter: we've been working hard. >> exactly. we're going to do it once again this morning. we have the rain out there riek lauren said. patchy fog a big deal. as all of you head out the
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door, make sure you take the rain gear with you. also the possibility of a shower or two, megan, as we go later in the afternoon. >> lovely. >> let's talk about that. let's get down to business right now because maryland's most powerful radar is picking up on some moderate rainfall now around lake shore, so around anne arundel anne arundel county, we are dealing with some heavier rain. you see the oranges, some yellows, some lightning in this as well, all of this is pushing into the bay, across the bay and we are going to be seeing plenty of rain even over into odenton this morning, glen burnie getting getting in on some light rain, same for crofton, hills near shores getting on the light side of it, but all of this moving off toward the east. we will see improving conditions as we head through the remainder of the morning. we will get a break. aberdeen's temperature right around 66 degrees this morning and that dewpoint at 66. so we do have that patchy fog out there. iamsville more of the same, quite mild, 63 degrees with a dewpoint of 62. and our last stop this morning is in glenwood where we do have that temperature coming in at 63 and 62 for a dewpoint.
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these temperatures are well above average and this is the hour-by-hour forecast. as we go through the rest of the afternoon, lunchtime coming in at 77 degrees, mostly cloudy skies to partly cloudy skies and more of the same as we head into the 3:00 time frame. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. as you mentioned, anne arundel county getting hit hard with rain this morning. and we do have a crash to tell you about in glen burnie. it's right on highway at west ordinance road. for those of you in baltimore city, we are dealing with another accident there. it's going to be right on bel aire road at white avenue. if you are using 95 to get downtown, here's what it looks like at 395, everything up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. and that good news will continue over on the beltway, checking in and taking a live look here of the northwest corner at old court road. traffic picking up, but no delays traveling the outer loop down to 95. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan, over to you. if you're just waking up with us this morning, we are following breaking news. it's happening out of anne arundel county right now.
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firefighters are on the scene of a two-alarm fire at a mobile park. now, this broke out shortly before 4:00 on 26b street in lothian. when crews arrived, they found two mobile homes completely on fire. one person had to be rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. we are told that crews are on the scene right now, and we have one of our crews on the scene, so we're going to bring you more information as soon as it becomes available to us. visitation will be held today for anthony anderson, the east baltimore man who died after a confrontation with baltimore city police just last week. now, anderson was walking home last week in east baltimore when he came into contact with several police officers. the first report police gave they said that his death happened because he was trying to ingest drugs, he was trying to hide them. now police have admitted that's not true. people who saw the confrontation, they tell a much different story. >> they pinned his arms to the side and he come straight up and slammed them on his neck,
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collar bone like. [ indiscernable ] >> now police will only say that the circumstances of this case remain under investigation. the visitation begins today at 10:00 at march funeral home and then the funeral tomorrow morning. the family is now planning a march. that's going to happen starting at the site of the funeral home and then they'll walk to the scene of that confrontation with police. a woman in anne arundel county right now facing attempted murder charges. petina moorehead from shady grove is accused of trying to kill her estranged husband by hitting him with a pick-up truck, pinning him there. police say he is suffering serious injuries and is still in the hospital this morning. the future of the recognizer theater right now expected to be decided in the next couple of weeks. the night spot in the heart of downtown towson was also a trouble spot over the past weekend. now, police say that a man was shot, several people were arrested when fights broke out at a fraternity party that was taking place at the theater.
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the liquor board is going to make the determination what will happen to the theater. that's happening on october 15th. when you take your kid to school, you head out the door for work, you shut the door behind you and you probably don't worry too much about what's going to happen, somebody coming inside of your house and breaking in. that's the way it used to be in howard county. linda stow is here to tell us what's changed this morning. linda, why are people so worried? >>reporter: police say a burglar has broken into at least 10 homes this week and he's using a bold method to do it. it appears the burglar is knocking on doors and if someone answers, he acts like he's lost and is trying to find someone else's house and then leaves. but if no one is home, police say he kicks in the door and takes valuables. the burglar is striking during the late morning and early afternoon inel cot city, colombia, elksridge, clarksville and woodbine. >> we had a case where he knocked on the door and there was a 13-year-old boy inside who didn't answer. he then kicked the door in, and when he saw that someone was home he ran.
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so we don't have a specific or detailed description at this point, but we want anybody who's had anything like this happen in their neighborhood to call us. >>reporter: now police say you should deadbolt exterior doors and hide your valuables in a place the burglar may not suspect. linda stowcious abc 2 news. >> linda, thanks. a big night for the nfl with professional referees making their return, much to the delight of fans at m and t bank stadium. it was an even bigger event for the ravens who came away with a win to improve to 3-1 season. so right now charley is live downtown this morning with more on the game and the refs' return. i imagine crowds were going crazy when those refs walked in, charley. >>reporter: hey, it wasn't just the players, it was the fans too. they gave the referees an ovation when they returned to the field here at m and t bank stadium. and, megan, this story was national news because this lockout had caused the full- time normal referees to be on the sidelines for three games. that was just until after
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midnight wednesday where the national football league announced they'd reached an agreement with those referees and part of that agreement was they would return to work immediately. so the first order of business? football right here at m and t bank stadium where the ravens looked to go 3-1 against the winless cleveland browns. as we said, those refs, they got an ovation when they came out on the field last night. and when you think about the work the replacement refs had done and the things that had happened, it was certainly a welcome sight for fans. those replacement referees were held responsible for games goinvegas wasn't happy about this as eal. bill belichick grabbed a referee a week ago at m and t bank stadium. but it all culminated in the seahawks/packers game where there was clearly an interception by the packers' secondary defense back, but it was given to seattle, thus giving the seahawks a win. with all of this coming together this week, players and coaches here at the stadium, they were glad to see the refs back on the job. >> welcome back to the
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officials. good to have you back. these guys are pros, these guys are really good. the communication was good, we didn't agree with every call, what happened on the last one there that gave them the extra play, haven't seen that yet, i've heard about it, but they were excellent. >> the biggest thing is i think the game went a little bit smoother and a little bit more seamless and things like that, moved along a little bit and calls were made and everything kind of just went a little bit smoother. >> flacco down the middle. >> yeah. that was joe flacco talking about the refs, but there was football played on the field. flacco threw for 356 yards, including a touchdown and a pick. he got picked off last night, a touchdown pass was to torey smith. he's continuing his hot hand after sunday's emotional game where he played against the patriots. and antwon bolden made his presence known once again, receiving for 131 yards. he had had a great night for the ravens. buddy rice had a pretty good
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night too. megan, as we were telling you, the fans welcomed the officials back with ovation before the beginning of the game. my question to you this morning is how long before they were booed? >> i would imagine it wouldn't take that long. nobody's ever happy. how long, charley? >>reporter: it was the 3rd quarter. >> all right, so it took a while. >>reporter: it did take a little while. there was a helmet-to-helmet hit. fans didn't like it. they booed the ref for the first time, probably a welcome sight for those refs to hear the love once depend from the ravens fans, but the replay showed that the helmet-to- helmet penalty was in fact the right call. >> charley crowson out live this morning at m and t bank stadium. we'll check in with you later. stay with us this morning. pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese, how about a little buzz on that pie? if you're thinking what. one pizzeria now offering alcohol on the pizza. would you give it a try? giants stadium, a florida swamp, a backyard pool.
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where jimmy hoffa could be buried so many years ago. today investigators search another place hoping to solve this mystery which is now 36 years old. yesterday it was snow, today it was the lightning. we have seen some wild weather out west, but this is just plain dangerous. and we have the showers and storms pushing off their way towards the east, but is the rain done for the day? i'll have the answer to that question coming up. >>reporter: well, lynette, traffic is just starting to slow down here on 695 at old court road. and we are dealing with several accidents across the region. i'll have your complete time saver traffic report coming up. and as we head to break this morning, you're looking at a live picture of new york city. looks foggy there too. let's head up there right now and get a look at today's tech bytes. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, facebook unwraps a gift service from the social network's members can now send gifts, real gifts, not virtual ones to other members. eventually facebook gift gifts will be available to all users. top android phones like the
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samsung galaxy s-3 are boasting they have near field communication technology which will let them communicate with other nearby nfc devices. the apple iphone 5 doesn't have it. usa today's ed begg says that shouldn't be a factor in which phone you buy. >> what's really getting attention is its role in the so- called wallets, like the google wallet. the fact is that presents real infrastructure challenges. there's not a lot of terminals out there that can handle nfc. >>reporter: apple feels the wallet app is sufficient. and it only took angry birds features some of the same characters. those are your tech bytes. i'm john muller.
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thanks for joining us this
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morning. could the mystery of jimmy hoffa's disappearance soon be unraveled? a driveway will be dug up today. a dying man claims he saw a body placed in the ground there. hoffa disappeared more than 30 years ago. he was last seen outside of a restaurant in the spbs of detroit. police have received dozens of tips over the years. they've dug up everything from giants stadium to a backyard pool. they're hoping today will 25 them some clues. four people are dead following a shooting that happened at a business in minneapolis. late last night police say that a shooter described as a disgruntled employee walked into the sign store and started shooting. four others were wounded in this, and -- none of them were critically injured in this. police say the gunman took his own life as they moved in. a tragic story to tell you about this morning, this is coming out of connecticut. police say a man shot and killed a masked teenager in self-defense outside of his neighbor's house during what
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appeared to be an attempted burglary. he then discovered that it was his own 15-year-old son. police say that teenager was armed with a weapon. no charges right now have been filed against the father. pretty dramatic pictures to show you. severe weather outside of denver, colorado. a man actually just finished celebrating yom kippur and was heading home with his family. he was hit by lightning. a doctor who specializes in treating burn victims say that prevention is key during severe weather. >> the most dangerous time in a lightning thunderstorm is the leading and trailing edge of the storm. so when you see thunder and lightning, you need to seek shelter and did inside. >> that 35-year-old father that we were telling you about rushed to the hospital. he's expected to be there for about two weeks as he recovers from burns. so they had had lightning in colorado outside of denver, yesterday it was snow. they've had a little bit of everything. >> they've had a little bit of everything, but luckily they are starting to dry out this
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morning, so that's some good news there. but speaking of lightning, we've had lightning of our own yesterday and today. >> i know. a little bit of a roller coaster pause we have he we've had everything from rain to sun. >> we're going to do it all over again for today. we have the rain out there with lightning strikes as well and as we go into the afternoon, and later this morning too, megan, we'll start to see a few peeks of some sunshine mixing with some cloud cover. this is what it looks likin' 0 maryland's most powerful radar as of now. once again the rain is coming down, heavier in spots, right around rising sun. so cecil county is now wet along i-95. grace dealing with a few light showers this morning, but we are dealing with the bulk of the rain, though, the further south it goes, it is starting to cross over the bay, heading toward the eastern show, so annapolis, mayo, just got the bulk of the rain. now it's sliding over towards rock hall, centreville and gracenville and it will make its way off into delaware. just like we saw yesterday. as we go through the afternoon, we could see another round of this. right now temperatures are on the mild side, 65 degrees in
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stevensville, hanover, edgewater, 66 in galena. good morning goldsboro, you're at 66 degrees and cambridge 67 as well as northeast. at the surface we still have this front. now it's stationary. it's not moving anywhere and this will be the focal point for the showers and storms to pop up as we go into the afternoon and evening. so we could keep the chance in, and i am going to keep the chance in for some showers as we go through the game this evening. now, future trend not picking up on a whole lot, but we still do have some showers possible along the eastern shore, maybe around 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. saturday looks dry, though, that's definitely some good news. and as we go through your afternoon, that high temperature will be at 79 degrees for today, and more wet weather works its way back in for sunday and monday we're dry. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. in addition to the rain, you do want to watch out for fog. there's a lot of it out there this morning, so slow down as you do head out and be on your way to work. unfortunately we are dealing
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with several accidents. trouble in anne arundel county where there's a crash right on ritchie highway at west ordinance road. as we take a look outside right here at 97 just south of 695, and that is everything up to speed, no delays getting down to route 50 as well. and if you are using 95 this morning to get into baltimore city, we do have a crash to tell you about right along the southbound lanes at catten avenue. as we pull up drive times, no problems to report on the beltway, it will be nice and clear from parkville all the way up towards towson. traffic also starting to pick up over on the west side of the beltway. you're looking at a 12-minute ride right now, so not too bad on that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. megan, over to you. what you're doing right now, come to your tv screen and check out this video. what is going on here? do you think this is ever going to become an olympic sport? probably not. but video of an unusual competition in southern california. you can see dogs walking, running and jumping on two legs, pushing a stroller. not sure who won this video, but i can say a lot of vets
6:19 am
will say that's good for a dog's legs. time for our favorite game on friday. this little gal is a winner. she's so cute and so nice. >> she's very sweet. we can't figure out exactly what she is. she's a year old so this is her size, about 20 pounds. really interesting coloring, texture of her hair. she's like a soft porcupine. >> she's beautiful and her eyes are gorgeous. >> big blue eyes, very, very sweet, up for adoption, sophie. >> you're calling her sophie, and you got her from another shelter in the city. not a lot of background. we've seen you cuddling, so we know she's a sweetheart. >> she is a sweetheart. >> you're in the spirit. you brought in a football and what looks like an orioles paul which is great because one of the things to do with a pet is get them some physical activity. >> it is fun to play fetch. some struggle with the dog getting to drop the ball. >> with my old dog, i'll take
6:20 am
it, they still don't do it. >> it is good to traip it as a command, so drop it, leave it can be the command. sometimes you might at first need a distraction, so you will want to be able to have your dog used to be touched around the mouth if he's got a toy. you want to be able to remove it. you want to praise him when he does. if you need a treat to distract him, that can help and always, always praise him when he does and have him get used to drop it, he does and then he gets praised. >> sophie is a year, you can definitely teach her something like this, right? >> you can teach old and new dogs, new tricks. >> so check out sophie. she is sweet as can be. she's at the maryland spca. look at that face. she needs a home and so do a lot of dogs and cats, so that's a great place to go. the number is right there on your screen. thank you for coming in and making our friday a lot brighter. >> thanks, megan. stay with us this morning, we'll talk about getting a health benefit from sitting on the couch. can it be done? one yoga instructor says absolutely. she says you get great health benefits without ever leaving
6:21 am
your living room. does this really work? and if you try to lose weight, speaking of, you know how hard it can be, counting calories, long workout, skipping your favorite foods. can this be as simple as an app? we have a preview of "the katie show" before we head to break. at 4:00 here on abc 2. >> coming up today, my friend chelsea handler stops by. she may have a potty mouth, but she has a heart of gold. she also has a great late night show, has written four books, has sold out performances all oifer the country and now this party girl is becoming a real player in the world of comedy. chelsea handler, plus you're going to see my very first yolo, you only live once. fasten your seat belt because it involves danica patrick and a race track. back to you.
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good friday morning. thanks for joining us pizza might be in your plans after all the weekend is here. you can get all sorts of
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toppings on your pizza, but this is probably a first. one pizza parlor is serving up a new type of pizza with alcohol-infused toppings. you might be wondering how in the world did they come up with this idea. >> we jazz the pizzas up and how -- somebody said let's put booze on them. i said that would be kind of cool. >> there's a cherry pizza and it comes with -- topped with fresh mozzarella and also things like bruscetto, honey and like the ras p berry-soaked vodka cherry. the pizza place says the adults- only pizza has been so popular that right now two more versions will be launched next month, one is going to be kahlua-marinated pork, the other rum-infused peaches. head to facebook and let us know what you think about that. that would not be for me, i don't like anything sweet on my pizza.
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>>reporter: the raspberries sound okay, but the kahlua, disgusting. >> a little bit gross. we have this posted on our facebook fan page. read more about it and let us know what you think. also on our facebook page is the caption this. >>reporter: our assignment editor here at abc 2 sent in this picture of his dog cooper who is facing off with the neighbor's dog over the bone there. it's generated a lot of comments so far. sherry wrote in saying don't even think about it. kirk stevens, you want some of this? suzanne saying go ahead, make my day, and raquel saying i double dog dare ya. so we're really enjoying your comments. please keep them coming. i do need some caption this photos for next week, so e-mail them to >> lauren, thanks so much. are you trying to take the pounds off and you're struggling? your phone may be able to help you out in this battle. listen to this, there are new
6:27 am
apps out there targeting weight loss. this guy, he lost 75 pounds using an app called lose it. it's one of many apps that are available that keeps track of the number of calories that you consume and the food that you eat. it basically is a high tech food journal and he scans the bar code at the grocery store on the items that he wants to buy. it automatically will tally the calories for him. look right there, before and after. he says he lost 75 pounds thanks to that app. speaking of losing weight, you might have trouble finding the time to exercise, a lot of people do. now they say there is really no excuse to miss a workout and that's because a lot of people are doing it from their couch. couch yoga, it will stretch and strengthen those muscles. i don't know about this. but a certified yoga therapist says it'll work. she says that you can try a pose that's called the roller coaster. >> you lean back. now, you want to keep your spine straight and come back up. you're already starting to use deep abs. to make it a little harder, as you lean back, you'll lift your legs up.
6:28 am
so what's happening now is you're going deeper into the abs and starting to use the quadriceps a little bit more. >> so you can even throw your arms in the air to strengthen your abs even more. judy says that you can decide how long to hold each pose, but they say you should definitely work up to a 10 count. and as always, make sure you check with your doctor before you start any exercise program because you don't want to end up injured. stupid but not criminal. that's what one man says as he faces a judge. he got in trouble for speeding around with his girlfriend clinging to the hood of his car. we have details on what happened here and why just ahead. it's time to change the way we clean.
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it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.

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